Erio: Sketch #25 Heal

Actually I’m new here, I’m working as video game VFX artist in Japan.
I’ve been always watching wonderful VFX sketches here, so this time I decided to try it.

Final result:
I tried modifying BG color and added post processing, and fixed some colors.
Plus, I added rainbow ring and some yellow lines.
I feel it looks better now! I appreciate helpful advices!

I made ordinary healing effect with Unity.
I started learning Unity recently so I’m not sure how to use UV scrolls of shader graph…
It’s almost deadline but I’d like to brush it up if I can.
Please let me know if you have any advice.
Thank you for watching!


Ohayo @Erio!

I’m sure you’ll figure out how to use those UV scrolls in Shader Graph, look around the forums for the answer :eyes:

My advice would be to change the background to a flat color or a simple gradient instead of Unity’s default skybox. Also, maybe add a bit of post processing to the scene!

Plus, you could try to make the colors more uniform so it looks like they belong to the same effect, and then add a small touch in a complementary color so it brings contrast and flavour to the mix, perhaps some small glows or subtle soulercoasters.


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Thanks for your advices!(And Japanese greeting too!)

I’m going to try modifying background color and post processing today!
And thanks for feedback about colors too, i’ll try make them uniform and use accent color.
Helpful feedbacks, I really appreciate it!

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