Erik Forsström: Sketch #12

Hi, this challenge had a perfect timing since I need to make a tornado effect for a school gameproject.
This is my current progress from what I’ve done today, just a simple mesh with an animated texture and some leaves flying around.

Something looks off at the base of it. It looks like it’s swirling the opposite direction than it should be and it simultaneously swirling up and being pushed down to the ground. Almost feels like you are rotating your mesh in the opposite direction that your texture is panning

Is it better like this? Made the mesh rotate in the opposite direction then the earlier version.
Left version is without particles and rotation on the mesh, slightly confusing with the hypnotizing spinning effect :stuck_out_tongue:


It is much better with the particles!
I think maybe it needs some flyaways(if you understand what I mean) to break the silhouette. Cause in my opinion it feels a bit to controlled.
But I am quite new to VFX so I do not really know that much about it. So take the feedback if you want to.
Good job though!

I think I understand what you mean with the flyaways, not 100% sure how I’ll do it but it’s on the list of things to add.
And I’ll most likely change the feel of the tornado a lot next week, since I’m doing this for a game project and we’ve changed quite a lot today. It’s most likely going to end up with a more “holy” feel, which I personally find a bit more interesting to work with instead of “only” a standard tornado. I’ll probably keep what I’ve done and just change colors and add some light trails (the trails are on of the things I’ll add to break the silhoutte) etc.

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate all feedback no matter how experienced someone is, always good get a new perspective on things so you don’t get stuck in one mindset.