Emre Duran: TGT Competition WIP

Hi guys,

i have at the moment no idea what i want to do, but I like the topic!!!
So first I am joing the competition!!! :smiley:

Cheers Emre


Hi Emre,
Great! Welcome :slight_smile: What are the tools you’re most comfortable using?

Hi Cmirey,

thank you! I am using Unreal 4 as engine. 3D software, at moment i am working alot with 3ds max, ZBrush and the compositing software fusion.
But i am going more and more to Houdini.

For the competiton i will see if i can use popcornfx too. :slight_smile: I like popcornfx a lot, but until now i didn’t had a real opportunity to use it in the practice.
I will see! :smiley:

Which software do you prefering?

Ok cool, if you have time to practice PopcornFX thanks to this contest, it’s great, but there is no preference. Feel free to use the software you want :slight_smile:

Hi all,

that is my idea for “The Great Transmutator”
I am looking forward to bring this from paper in to the 3d space!!! :slight_smile:

I hope you will like it!


Very cool! I would love to see some tuts on making concept sheets like this. As someone with drawing skills that definitely need some work I really like the idea of concepting it out in this manner and using it as a guideline to focus efforts. Unfortunately, I find half the struggle is getting what’s in my head onto paper in the first place. Can’t wait to see how this turns out though!

Thank you!!! :smiley: I am curious to i how this will turn out!!! :smile:

…in my during day i am doing FX for mobile games wich have a lot of limitation and in the same time people expecting “blizzard”/ “AAA” quality, wich is fine so i realy push the borders for this small machines!!!

But this competition is a good trigger, to do something with more machine power!!! :smiley:

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if you want to do FX concepts , i would say the first importan thing is the key frames!

for example:

Starter: What is the trigger of your effect?
The Main Part of the Effect: What is your effect doing?
Ending: How do you disapper the effect?

Motion Changes , direction, speed, timelaps etc
Shape Changes, smoke becomes particles, water becomes ice, etc
Color Changes, Chameleon Skin,
Material Changes - from blurry to glossy, from opaque to transparent
Light Changes - Light to dark, glowing

If you have you keyframes.

The next is the motion of your elements in your effect!
And for that me helped this both books!!!

And watch some 2d fx animation tutorials they also helping to understan how do you can draw shapes in motion!

I hope I could help you!


…ups i guess i miss understood the topic! :grin::grinning:

In the fast way I did a modified version of my first idea, which should fit now with the topic.
Is about time to produce!!! :slight_smile:

I hope you like it!


Hi all,

thats my blocking.
Just timing, proportions and pipline setup.
no colors, no final forms and shapes.