Emerson's Sketchbook

Decided to finally open a sketchbook. Going for a highly optimized and performant result for third person action games. Don’t know what else needs to be said other than I love working on VFX and am pretty convinced its where I want to be. Cheers!

Current Project Shot


Waterfall Project

Previous Attempts For This Project

Learning Materials for Current Project
Tyler Smith’s Tutorial
Jeremy Griffith Gnomon Tutorial Result

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Worked through a tutorial this week. Learned a bit about blueprints, some photoshop skills I didn’t use much previously, going to be working up the cast and impact effects for this next I think to really solidify the knowledge. @JangaFX did a nice job with this. Thanks Nick!


Another couple of weeks, another tutorial down. Feeling like I am slowly but surely getting the concepts here.

Another few weeks, another tutorial down. I am finally feeling comfortable enough to tackle effects without a direct tutorial to draw on. I think my first effect is going to either be a frost nova or frozen orb from Diablo 2 done in an updated style for UE4.