Elemental Gesture Drawing

Okay, so I’ve had this idea for some time, and am excited to finally see it through. I’ll be hosting a live drawing session especially geared toward all you beautiful VFX artists. The stream goes live Saturday, April 18, at 10am PDT on CTN’s YouTube channel.

Here’s the livestream link:


As for the format of the hour, think figure drawing, but we look at footage of fire and water instead of naked people! And assuming this goes well & is valuable to all y’all, I hope to host many similar sessions in the future!


Niiice! Hyped to see that :new_moon_with_face:

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Sounds great, I’m looking forward to watching this - thanks Jason!

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Been doing some doodles to shake off the rusty drawing bones. Really looking forward to chilling and sketching with y’all tomorrow on the livestream!


The live stream is up! Let’s do this thing!!!


Here’s the results of last week’s session. Thanks to everyone who attended!

Lots of you made requests in the chat about what you’d like to see next in this live stream format. I’m also open to more suggestions if people have other requests for next time!