Elemental effects

Update 2:



I`m working on some moba-like effects, and my plan is to create a complete set of elemental effects, adn then post my progress on this thread.

I would really like feedbacks regarding the timing, color and feel of those effects.

First I did a lightning spell. it still need a connection between the sphere and the capsule, to specify where the spell is coming from.

Then there is an Energy Concentration effect:

So, any critique os very welcome!


By the way, those dirt wind effects were inspired by this @NateLane 's breakdown:

But I created the texture shape using a noise texture and UV gradients with smoothsped. The shader is the same for the Fire Trails on the second gif.



I`m working on the lightning now. Trying to replace that boring static texture with some animated flipbooks. Here is the main lightning animation I did:

I`ll still create other lightning flipbooks for the smaller particles.


looking good - i’d maybe suggest trying to have things fade out a little less uniformly - currently the whole beam fades out at the same time which looks a little static and fake - having a frame or two right at the end with only a few very small pieces would be cool - depends if you can afford the frames in the flipbook though.

there’s quite a big jump from the initial flash to the one that fades too - maybe keep a little bit more of the main body or add another frame during the jumping before it start to fade, if that makes sense. be great to see a frame by frame flipbook as well as the gif when you’re asking for feedback.

looking back at the first two effects - id say the lightning flashes on the first effect are a little too uniform in timing - they seem to spawn in a few waves of bursts - lightning should be as random as possible so maybe break that up a little if you can. i really like the swirl that happens with the lightning bolt, that looks great.

the energy concentration effect is also pretty nice - maybe have a bit more concentration and less burst but it’s sort of in that anime style so i can see where you’re going with it - obviously gameplay would be more of a driving force for this sort of thing. i would say that the initial ring that draws in cuts through the ground and maybe looks a little flat because of that - either back it up with a z-aligned sprite or use a mesh sphere instead? a few more little dots during the charge could be cool too.

i love the motion you have on the little dots in the burst - they work really nicely.

overall really nice stuff - looking forward to seeing some updates :slight_smile:

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Hey, thanks for the feedback!

I’ll look into the other effects later. For now, I did some adjustments on the lightning effect. By the way, the idea is to replace the lightning on the thunder spell, but I don’t have the project where I am right now, so I`m working on a separated project.

Anyway, here is the new version:


love the secondary fx around the sphere! The value flickering on the final piece is maybe a little strong but the motion is great.

Frame 8-14 is what i was talking about - the whole thing fades out quite uniformly - i’d expect the little bits to fade off first and the main bolt to last a few frames more.


Fantastic looking animation!


I did an animated sprite for a fire effect. Still don’t know exactly what I`m gonna do with it.

For the lightning, I still need to ajust the timing of the erosion on the animation, as suggested by @tharlevfx

For now, Im following some tutorials I found on Alex Redfishs deviantart about those animations, and at some point I`ll return to the spells with a set of, hopefully, awesome particles.


Very good effect!
I think starting line of lightning should be straight and bottom line is more distotion.

Love the style of these, how did you go about making the textures? I really want to brush up on my texture making skills so any tips on how you achieved these would be great :slight_smile:

Here is a bunch of tutorials (just look at the descriptions of each post), which I used to enlight an approach to start making the textures: Lightning Strike Making Process by AlexRedfish on DeviantArt

In my case, I used photoshop, creating a timeline and drawing each frame in a direct sequence. Then I organized them in an atlas to use in Unity.


I love the Effects, great job on the fire. I like how smooth it’s.

I’m curious how the lightning looks when you remove some frames inbetween to create some flickers, maybe replace the frames with some strong shaped contrast frames?

Keep making this cool effects :smiley: