Electro/Energy slash (Sheet animation)

Its not really a trail, but i want try make it at way i know. Hope u still enjoy this slash)))


Really cool! I’m curious, how did you go about creating such a seamless flipbook for this?

I`m using GlueIT for creating sheet(flip book) like this. It is very simple. Select your images, set number of colums, press"GlueIT" (close window) and save your new image(sheet).


oh that’s awesome! Was the source made in something like After Effects?

I made this in After Effects)) + plugin Saber(it`s free)

Hello! Sorry for necromancing such an old thread, but do you have any more spritesheets effect such as these? Especially slashes!
The engine I work in heavily limit my VFX options, and I’ve been looking everywhere for spritesheet slashes. If you have anymore on hand, it’ll be greatly appreciated. Seriously. I’ve spend months.

Thanks again :smiley:

Could I used it in my game?

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Sure, you can use it)

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