Elden Ring Fan Art | Site of Grace Real-time VFX

First post here after lurking for quite some time.


Here’s my fan art of the Site of Grace effect from Elden Ring. The scene was created in UE5, all environment is put together using Megascans, all VFX created by me. Textures created in Substance Designer, meshes modeled in Maya and Houdini. I’m using 2 2K textures but it could be optimised further, for example by channel packing both masks into one texture. In this case I preferred splitting them so I could control the in-game texture size indepently, as the trail texture is quite large compared to the base swirl one.
It was a small scale project that I could reasonably complete during my spare time over a week or so. I’m a senior environment artist trying to start fresh as a realtime VFX artist, any feedback regarding the VFX would be greatly appreciated!
Please enjoy the short breakdown on Artstation and the 4K version on YouTube