Ejjben: Sketch #23

Wanted to try this sketch out since it has a pretty interesting topic. Decided to create a simple bouncing ball that emits sparkles.

First Wip:


Loved it … Happy ball :smiley:

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I love it, the timing feels really good and happy hahaha. Maybe you can make a frame where he scales inwards before he scales outwards and pops, also you’re using squash and stretch on the bounces but it doesnt look like the volume stays the same, so when you scale it over the length the width should be thinner etc

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Thanks! Those are some great suggestions. Will try it out!

Changed the animation a bit with more squash and stretch. Changed color aswell.



Damn dude you work fast, I love both colours but the pink feels more cutesy to me, looking good nonetheless though :smiley:

Having a change in the speed of the particles that burst out when he pops could be cool, I’m thinking they move to about 80-90% of the way really fast and then drift off and fade.
Maybe having the color of the ball change in intensity/brightness when he bounces and have him be the highest intensity/brightness color when he pops could add to the impact of the effect aswell

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You come up with nice idea’s, I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

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Gotta say, I love the real bare bones simplicity of this concept. Pure animation magic. :sparkles:


this is so satisfying to look at :heart_eyes:

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Made some final simple tweaks based on the feedback I got. I am happy with how it turned out.



Loved it … maybe put some hearts in the explosion :smiley:

Hey man this looks pretty neat! One question (since i’m trying to learn unreal myself) did you have to keyframe the particles in an animation or did you just manage with delay times?

I used notifies in the ball animation to spawn the particles at the right time.

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Oh my gosh this little ball is so cute :DD Amazing work!