"Effect Texture Maker" Website

So in the search for all things VFX, I have come across a .JS based site that… well…

… can make alot of textures for our VFX needs. It’s literately called “Effect Texture Maker”, made by (based on what I found) a programmer in Japan named Sugiyama.

Also… it appears at least one of us already found this site. (I’ve searched and searched, and as far as I can tell this site hasn’t been posted here.) The answer to the below “commercial projects” question by the way is; “Those made with this generator can be freely used for commercial products. And the source code of the generator is NOT public domain. thanks.”.

You can save things, make animated textures, normal maps… it’s boss!

Enough rabble, Here it is!


Here is the post (in it’s original Japanese) on it’s creation.

And Here is a Google Translate link in English

…and that’s all I have to say. Go and Play! :smiley:


Oh sweet jesus :star_struck: Thanks a ton! Barely tried it and already love it.


ooh this could be super useful, thanks for sharing!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Really cool stuff. I´ll make a try to copy some example to substance designer.

@Anton Sounds great, if you’re done with some, feel free to share them here. Would be cool to get more examples: Substance Designer for VFX? - #14 by simonschreibt

@ All
Don’t forget to try out the explosion examples! When I saw the website the 1st time, I was like “hm ok, some nice static textures…” and totally missed the amazing simulated/animated stuff this tool offers!

How could you miss that :scream: Shame on you :worried: But seriously, that tool is great.

My thoughts exactly. :smiley:

Also… wow. This is now my most liked post. Got a “Nice Topic” badge out of this, so that’s cool. :smile:

You can make animated normal map sprite sheets for fire if you want! This is such an amazing asset for beginner and pro alike, when I saw this I simply HAD to post this. It’s too good.

My days of using the Cloud filter in Photoshop for fire and smoke is finally over :joy: This is completely awesome, thanks for sharing!

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Awesome tool! I just made a quick fire to test it out :slight_smile:

Did you manage to get nice higher res spritesheets out of the explosions? If I increase the resolution it just stretches it out, each frame is really low res :frowning:

Hm…good point. I just asked the creator: https://twitter.com/simonschreibt/status/971062194573119498
Let’s see what he answers :slight_smile:


Just found this tweet, seems like a very similar and interesting tool:


Damn this tool teasing me so bad !

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Just found this tool but wasn’t sure if I should open a new thread. So maybe first place it here? What do you think?


There is a God… Thanks for sharing!

How to use this? How to import it to UE4? How to use as material? Remove the black background? How to save the spritesheets to use? Anyone please D:

You’re in the wrong thread to ask all these questions at once. Might wanna work on your basics first. Check the beginners threads and do your homework.

No no and no. Instead of being useful and say “just connect the red channel to opacity” you prefered to type this. Please be more productive and respectful. I’ll be thankful.

I wasn’t disrespectful in any way, you’re the one freaking out because i’m not giving you anything you want. According to what you said, you don’t even know how to use a texture in a material, let alone making transparency? So like i said, you might wanna work on your basics, which you can do by making little efforts like searching topic covering the said basics first before asking eveyrone to do something you should know.

Because if you don’t even know how to do that, how can you even expect to go further by yourself…

Anyway, you have a good day eh.