Earth shaking

Hi Guys!
I was impressed with Lost Ark 2 visual effects, their sharp dynamics, a contrast of impulses, rhythm, and details. It looks like incredibly right visual. I felt that I must make something similar for self-development trying to be as close as I can to their art style and features like a radial blur, shaking camera etc.
An idea was to create an area stun effect with the 0.7sec precast time with Unreal4.

Here is a result:

Making that effect I created several things decreasing production time and made new materials faster. Hope it will help someone else as me.

First thing here is an uber shader with a bunch of common technics like alpha erasing and noise UV.

For someone who’s never used an uber shader before. Simply, it’s a shader with all necessary graphical features. But for a certain visual asset that shader will be compiled only with features turned on in a material.

I made a decal shader for a diffuse dark part of my crack as well as an emissive decal shader for light popping out of breaks.

Diffise decal shader

Decal shader for an emissive part.

Here is a blueprint data

Animations for decals, camera shaking, and radial blur provided with animation curves.

Here is a shader for radial blur.

Here is a particle systems.

Any feedbacks or questions are welcome.


Really lovely man, this looks amazing. Also thank you for posting all of the detailed breakdowns aswell :smiley: . I do have the feeling that there is some upward force missing. Some energy that is coming out of those cracks that is used to stun the enemies. But i’m not sure if that was your intention :P.

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You’re absolutely right! That would be better to add some vertical motion at least some light comming up out of a crack.