Dungeon Hunter Champions - Magical Girl

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share this one for so long and never got down to uploading the video online.

A little something to say about this effect: I was given carte blanche to do what I wanted for her idle break, so I got the animators on board to do something similar to any magical girl anime transformation sequence.
The only constrains were that the camera had to be fixed because it’s a menu effect and she couldn’t really transform from any other mesh because that would’ve been too much work for the artists to design a whole different character.

I’m really happy with how this turned out, especially considering that the target platform is mobile games and we were a bit concerned about performance. In the end, it all worked well :slight_smile:


Hah, nice, like the Sailor Moon vibe

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Hi, nice! How did you make the wings? I’m asking because it’s not clear, it’s a model, isn’t it? Just the wings in front of the hair, it’s very strange.image

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Oh I simply animated them with bones. Someone else took care of the modeling and I made a simple little rig with it.

You can see the hair clipping through the wings at many different moments actually.

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Oh, thanks, I see =)

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