Dual 2D FX Livestream


So Alex Redfish and I had this idea: we’re gonna dual stream 2D FX animation demos and invite the entire VFX community to come watch and chat with us. We’ll be animating some magical hit impacts, and comparing notes as we go. Pretty sure it’s gonna be a great time.

It’ll stream on my YouTube channel starting at 9am PST this Saturday, Jan 23. We look forward to seeing y’all there!


Why are all of these cool things always at like 2 am :sob: :sob: :wink:

oh, no! It’s hard to make something work for North America, Europe, and Asia / Oceana all at once! At least it will be recorded! :hugs:


I’ll be out that weekend away from electronics, so I feel your pain on this one

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But being away from electronics sounds so amazing!!

After sitting in the same room for almost a year now, it’ll probably be good for me.

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We go live in 5 minutes! Hop on over to the stream for some 2DFX animation goodness!