DrNoodles : Sketch #6 WIP

Hi guys, i m back for new challenge :slight_smile:

This is my reference and sketch :slight_smile:

First step of my work :



Video not working :frowning:

Damn :frowning:


I found the problem, now i can see it :slight_smile:

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HI guy,

I have updated my FX, i added more sparks and dot and i added smoke texture


Have great day :slight_smile:


Looking great :wink:
I do get the feeling that the effect is getting a bit clustered, especially because of the style clash between the organic smoke and trail and the more graphic circles :smiley:

In your ref you also have so really fun color transitions, play around with them it can really add a lot to the effect.

Yeah the speed difference between the smokey jet and the more graphical elements is off-putting, try making the spirals much faster and longer, and maybe have the circles start sooner/move faster (play with drag to slow them down near the end if you like). The smokey jet feels good though!

Thank you guys for your feedback. I will work on it :slight_smile:

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I m back with some correction :slight_smile:

I changed color and deleted ring emitter, i added more velocity to sparks and on my trails



Another update, enjoy :slight_smile:


Getting better!

The initial activation pulses are a bit soft/subtle.
Perhaps try adding a different shape that you burst out to create a shockwave

  • The spirals look a little low poly in places, try a different method of spiralling or add more polys?
  • The sparks burst outwards from the center, I kind of like them, but would layer some more on top that conform to the main energy flow /cylindrical source

Thank i will try that :slight_smile: