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Im a beginner in creating particle effects and ive been able to recreate most of the effects ive seen so far. I mainly work on roblox which requires you to fully draw out the particle and use photoshop and Krita
How would i draw this effect? unknown
Ive tried many disort filters but they dont come out has blury/ hazy as i want them to

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you can break it down better with Polar Coordinates filter → rectangular
easier to process
work horizonal
polar → sphere to turn it to a ring

I’m still having trouble recreating the texture somewhat. I’ve been using twirl and smudge to get the effect and some layering but it doesn’t look right. Here’s what I have so far image

I personally would also suggest what @Torbach already said. But I break it down a bit more:

  1. In photoshop, create a “power of 2” size texture.
  2. go to pattern preview to paint seamlessly (Pattern Preview)
  3. Get a suiting brush and paint from horizontally (like what torbach showed in the “un-polarized” version of your reference)
    3.1. optional: close pattern preview.
  4. Got to Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates… > Select “Rect to Polar”
  5. That’s it!

You might want to try out different brushes and intensities to get a better feeling on what works better for the effect you want to create. I recommend this workflow, as it is pretty quick and you can use the initial texture for something else.

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I should have been more clear with process
i think this is largely hand painted, minimal strokes,
not much filters, no twirl, but maybe some radial blur[spin] if you like

  1. block out 2D as circle
  2. polar coordinate unwrap into line
  3. blur
  4. erase, add new layer to retain portions
  5. motion blur vertical
  6. re-polar coordinates to check
  7. unwrap into line (add wisp additions)
  8. touch up with smudges and additions for wisps
  9. feathering selection
  10. blur
  11. re-polar coordinates
  12. coloring darks vs lights



thank you for the response i will try these, also looking more deeply into the origin of the image i found out its likely that it was made on after effects and not photoshop.