DragonBreath VFX

Some weeks ago I created this for the first “LetsMakeVFX” challenge Bryan Venzen did on his Discord.
Would´ve also been a good entrance for the DragonBreath challenge RTVFX did, but I was too late for that and also dont wanted to just hand in the same particle for two challenges :smiley:
So here it is^^


Feedback or questions are allways welcome


Cool effect :boom:
Some nitpicking:

  • Screen shake is too strong. It makes the vfx harder to read.
  • The shadow on the ground moves so quickly and intensely that it takes attention over the fire.
  • The Cone marker on the ground could dissolve with a different mask than the one used for it to appear. So it dissolves forward instead of backwards
    Anyway, good job, the vfx is great! :smiley:
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thanks for the great feedback Limeslushie^^
Definitely gonna implement it as soon as I have some time :smiley:

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