Dominikus Reiter: Sketch #53

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Tested my idea of water gathering and jumping up, freezing and coming down to burst into shards. Loopable. This pass is geometry only - planning to add material transitions and particle fx.


Made a particle pass on it and tweaked the animations a bit.
Still got to look into ice and water material and some particle tweaks. → Done
maybe I also get to improve the presentation scene, or borrow a nicer one ^^. → Done


Just some minor tweaks to call it final:
Wasn’t happy with the ice dust shapes being so dominant, so rerendered the flipbook from a different angle and some smoother settings.
Also tweaked the impact particles a bit and added a distortion wave and a subtle screen aligned wave.
Removed a sequencer loop artifact from the ice ball mesh not properly scaling down in the end.

Tweaked the lighting, added translucent materials for water and ice, tweaked animation and particles.


Here is a little overview of how this is put together:


Hi Dominikus, I love your effect!! Do you mind if I ask how you did water gathering from floor → water droplet → turn to ice? I’m working on my personal project, and need exactly something like that. However, I’m very new to houdini, and it was hard to find tutorials for it.

Hi Seongmin!

Here is what helped me to create the fracture:

I pushed those parts away with a force and used the shards resting on the ground as mesh input for the vellum solver. I found these helpful for that process:

After the vellum spawns from the merged pieces, I let it expand with only gravity working on it and then suck it to the center with a force, where it gathers in a ball-like shape. This sequence I export as alembic ~35MB size.

In Unreal I let this play in sequencer and scale it down after having gathered while scaling up a water sphere that pushes to the top, having a simple shader working on the squash and stretch vertex offsets.

At the top I scale that water sphere down while scaling up the ice sphere with a little 100° rotational twist and additional ice dust flash.

Hope that helped a bit, good luck with your personal project!


Thank you a lot!! I’m still reading them over, even by now, they helped a lot! I really love your effect :smiley:

This is awesome thank you so much for the breakdown!

@u1217482 @PolyPaynt - Thanks guys, glad it is of use to you!