Dominikus Reiter: Sketch #2 WIP Wisp

“It’s the coldest time of the year.
You lost the trail in the middle of the forest.
It got dark too quickly!
A sinister wisp appears and shows you a path.
Will it lead you back?
Does it want to show you something?
Or do you just serve its entertainment?
Does it care? Will you survive?”

               - Voice in your head

Got inspied by Alan Canepa’s character designs “The dreaming guy” and “The bitchy sorcerer”.

I decided to try something in that vein.
Just more colorful and a tad cartoony stylized.

I want to have a distinct head for the wisp with some characteristic animation, I’d love to blend this with a fluid simulation. So I am starting to dig into Houdini.

For the RealTime result I want to bake the AnimSim data to texture to make use of the VertexAnimationTool in Unreal Engine.

In any way, I hope I find enough time to work on this and get something cool out of it. I’ll start posting things soon, to get in a habit!

Good luck and plenty of time everyone!


Cool setup! looking forward what you cook up! :smiley:

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