Dom: Sketch #36

Hi Fellas,

I have this idea from an unfinished entry. Creating a pseudo volumetric flame with - One Circle Texture.
Since the result back then was kinda organically grown, I always wanted to give it a fresh start, keeping it clean and simple.

To see the final entry please scroll down.

Here is the first result:



Old Shader (not containing the top-view part):

New Shader:

Could use a few sparks…


Here is an ingame mockup of the flame, added couple of sparks

3d assets mostly from


great shape and color ! I’ve try this way to make my fire effect, shader is interesting

looks so good your shader and fire , you can try to add noise above the flame and increase distance brightness of yellow

Glad you like it! what I think might be interesting, it could work really well in a VR setting, since you don’t get any perspective distortion (velocity align) or billboarding (2d alligning to camera). Don’t have any set to test though :smiley: - got to ask a friend. Will do.

Hi Hadi, thank you for your feedback - with noise above the flame, do you mean an additional noise in the shader to intensify variation in shape or additional distortion noise? (Both sound good)
Increasing the distance between the flames brightness values of the different yellows should also help to intensify the shapes, if I understand your last point correctly.

Here is my final entry:

  • added more noise to the flame and tweaked the gradient.

Wield the torch by yourself (html 5 - webplayer):



Super duper work my friend! I was trying to copy your shader to understand how it works, but i don’t know what the “Noise Flow” node is.

Hey Nicolo - that one is a variation of the Amplify Flow function, using Simplex2D noise instead of a Texture input:

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Hey Dom! Just wanted to say that this looks amazing, and I was wondering how you made the fire texture for the volumetric fire. I’ve been trying to reproduce your fire effect, but I’m getting different results even after tweaking the parameters and values with a different texture. Maybe you can give me some insight? Thanks!

Hey Pappers,

Glad you like it! To improve your results it might help to decrease the size of the circle in the middle of your texture.

I am using the Default-Particle texture with the Amplify Template Universal / Unlit.
Unity version is 2019.4.1f1 and I am using the Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

When bringing this shader to an older version of Unity (2019.2.2f1) I had to create a smaller circle, like this:

Hope that helps!

Hi Dom, thanks for that information! The advice you’ve given definitely helped a lot- I’m getting better results now by adjusting the size of the circle.

One issue that I’m currently running into has to do with the Top View UVs, and I was wondering whether you ran into similar issues. Right now, when I try and look at the flame from above or below, the flame texture seems to move towards one corner, and isn’t centered like the images/gifs you showed.

For context, I’m putting this material on a Sphere, and I’m using the same values you’ve showed from you screenshots. I tried tweak the values for the Top UV (specifically the “Top Strength” property that I created for the multiply node), but the flame is still offset when viewed from the top.

Do you know which parts of the shader I should look at to address this problem?

Hey Pappers, I only tried this with the default billboard particle. Never applied this to a volume, also don’t know how it would work on anything static.
The geometry can be a sphere I guess, but it would have to be constantly aligned to the camera plane so that your UVs match the XY axis of the view.