Distance Field Emission Scratchpad

Hey guys,

I’m following this tutorial

And I’ve done all of the scratchpad work etc. But what I’m finding is the results are very different.

I have to increase the “CollisionQuery” to some crazy number like 550 (he uses 10 in the vid) before it even starts to work.

And when I do that I get this behavior

Anyone know how he gets such accurate results?

My best guess is that you’re setting Local Space for your emitter, but forgot to transform Particles.Position from Local Space to World Space when feeding it to Field Sample Pos World, which as its name suggests, requires the position in World Space.

Allow me to digress a bit. You can enable whatever features you want for your personal game, but be warned that Mesh Distance Field is often on the chopping board when the programmer wants to reduce the memory footprint of the game. An alternative would be using Scene Depth instead of Mesh Distance Field. Scene Depth has its limitation as it’s only a 2D texture, unlike Mesh Distance Field which is 3D, but Distance Field does not support Skeletal Meshes, meaning the effect does not interact with skeletal characters.


Man thank you so much for the explanation!

Worked perfectly. And thanks for the distance field vs. depth field explanation.

I’ll use the depth field in most scenarios I imagine… good to know the distance field is expensive.