Directing VFX


Question: If you were VFX Director of a team for a week, what would you do? For a month? A year?

The latest featured job is for a VFX Director at Larian Studios. Seems like a really exciting opportunity for some of you more seasoned pros:


The first week I’d probably be super shy as I get to know the rest of the team hehehe

But I’m sure we would have a fun time, as RnD and exploring new techniques and workflows is one of the main things I’d be focusing on.

Thanks for sharing @Keyserito!

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While I’m not looking for a job, my goals, as a Director of VFX, and assuming this is for Divinity 3 or Baldurs Gate 3, would be integrating the FX better into the world. Their magic designs are pretty good, they just need to be leveled up on integration. That takes a lot tho since there’s a lot of case conditions the will need to work in.

  • shader integration - terrain material could have vertex offsets that could help blend up into earth magic. Vertex color for burned remains, ice, wet/dry

  • Plants have states for burned and regrown as a material fx.

  • Prop destruction as part of environment design, not just barrels, but stones falling apart, walls breaking but still being impassable, small objects that react to impulses/impacts, etc

  • Fire needs more elaborate understanding (than Divinity 2) case conditions of where it is, not just square square square, but if 2 squares then… if 4 squares cubed then… or random patter or something that I’d work on with tech team. Make fire feel more like an element vs, a game board filling in squares.

  • Overlapping FX need some deeper though. Their games have tons of fx going during a fight and by adding more fx like the combo water and fire makes steam, you can make more magical world by having A+B=C FX and make it visually more interesting.

  • Universal wind, that even works with every spell would be really neat, but probably a wishlist that never makes it into game.