Desmos : I can't stop

Look, I know we’ve talked about this site before and how cool it is…but I don’t know if you have played with it enough. If all you did was click on the links, you missed the best parts of this site.

Me? I can’t stop. Now that our particles are programmable, math is my best friend.

Understand sine!

The last equation bender

Okay…some people are going too far. This is a graphing calculator, not a place to make your game: :smiley:

I can’t believe I found this and it’s useful…mobius strip formula.

Is this the year of vector fields or what?

Path much?


This really is fantastic. <3

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I used this to show the programmers which splines we wanted and demonstrated why.
I built some paths and debugged my own splines using it.
It’s helped me understand formula shapes in a way that I didn’t before.

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No better way to reason with programmers than with maths!

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