Depth Blend and Vertex offseting on ShaderGraph is *GNMPF*

Hi pople, wassup!


Is why im here today.
I was porting the water shader to LWRP and found out that the depth blend moves with the mesh if offsetted.

I’ll explain: So ive taken the depth blend:

THAT as you can see in last image preview is nicely working.

BUT, if i add some vertex offsetting (in this case some tiny waves).
That depth blend goes with the vertex xD (As seen on first image)
This image if your mouse wheel doesnt work or ur lazy AF.(On those weird upper outlines of the mountains and rocks)

(Is very late here so maybe im missing something little but crucial bc my mind doesnt work at all ,currently whatching top 10 kitty fights so you know…)

Update: here a gif if you dont understand my explanation at all.

Any ideas??? :thinking:


OKAY, so found out that its a “BUG” not really bug because its working as they intended but they didnt noticed that this happened so ended being a bug.

Fixed on UniversalRenderPipeline 7.1.1 :confused:

BTW, if you dont want to upgrade to beta versions to avoid this, Cyanilux just made a nice solution just by editing the shader code by hand :smiley:

Have a good dev!