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Been ages since I updated this thread, been busy with contract work, but I have a little downtime before I move, so I re-purposed one of my old doodles into a wormhole material function, I liked how they did a similar effect for picking up loot in Fortnite.


All great! Thank you for all the breakdowns!


Thanks, I’m glad you are finding them useful!


Thank you very much! it really does help! and really does push our motivation aswell as help us improve ^u^ <3


Added another small breakdown to my website, covering the wormhole material function for anyone that might be interested


Reworking my rainy surface Material Function in UE4, also starting writing up the first part of the breakdown covering rain ripples:



sends nudes



:kissing_heart: lol, i’m going to reWork the glow shader so that it’s more subtle and spells it out instead


LOL i thought the same thing :joy::joy::joy:

#70 added part 1 of the rainy surface breakdown to mah site.


Very nice man! I really enjoy your breakdowns and thanks a lot for sharing all of your materials! :slight_smile:


Thanks dude! I’m glad you enjoy them.


Someone had posted a video showing some of the work behind Horizon Zero Dawn’s hologram/ glitch shaders, so I spent a little time today making these glitches, i have a bunch more ideas in my head I wanna try out.


Really Cool man , like it :slight_smile:


About two years ago, when I was in college I remember watching a GDC demo by one of the Tech Artists from Naughty Dog, showing off this really cool interactive foliage shader, at the time my brain couldn’t even begin to Comprehend how something like that could be made.

Yesterday, I spent about an hour cooking up a simpler version of that shader. :slight_smile:


Very inspirational to see these creations! Keep them coming!


thank you for keeping this up and inspiring bro! <3 :smiley:


Thanks Raed, hope you’re doing well bud. :slight_smile:


Gosh, been ages since I updated this thread, been busy with work the last couple months. Heres a couple random procedural shader pattern doodles that I’ve been doing in my free time.


Some more doodles. I also recreated Cell noise in UE4 so that I could understand the algorithm better, started playing with some different operations on it to see what I would get… recording compression kills the ones with a higher fractal multipliers.