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@KnobbyNobbes Welcome to the RTVFX forums! I’m sure you’ll find a lot of useful stuff here. I have been working on the ice material breakdown, i should have it done in a couple weeks. Hope to see you post some of you work here as well! Cheers! :smiley:


Got some downtime today between assignments and other work, whipped up this little PP scan Effect

EDIT: Made some minor updates, added grid lines to make it look more like Blueprint Schematic


I know I said I’d do this Eons ago…but it’s finally here, breakdown of the Ice material I made a while back.


Thanks For Share the Details of the Ice material.Hope for more:kissing_closed_eyes:


Ooooohhhmygosh, that is an amazing breakdown! Such detail! So ‘almost’ easy to comprehend! Now to buckle down and re-read that article for a few days until it all clicks in my head. :smiley:

Thank you so, so much. :smiley:


Wow, thanks for this breakdown, it’s really cool to see an article about ice.
I have trouble to find a good start to make this kind of material.

thank you very much !


Glad you find it useful! Cheers!


School is finally out for summer, so I have time on my hands to go back doing these shader experiments.
Here’s my latest experiment, creating a surface slope aware rain patter/water streak shader , I haven’t worked on the lookdev yet, jsut proof of concept. It blends between pattering and streaking based on the slope of the surface.


You probably know this but I found this rain shader/system particularly interesting:


Thanks for sharing. I’ve had Sebastien Lagarde’s website bookmarked as “must read Everything” for a really long time but have never gotten to it haha. I’ll definitely need to check out that post! He’s got some really interesting stuff on there Cheers.


Started working on lookdev a little bit, also wrapping the entire shader into a material function so that it can easily be layered on top of any existing surface shader.


Wow, did you make this scan effect using depth or expanding sphere? Or something else… :grin:


one nice trick i’ve found when doing rain on glass is to use Time + 0.1 Sin(Time) in some of your panners - this creates a time value that always moves fowards but not at a constant rate and is good for representing the large drips as they fall.


It’s the same techniques as the Scope apparition effect, using a World Space spherical Distance Field as a mask to blend between the post process effect and the scene color.


random doodle for today. Glitchy scanline PP Effect…not really sure what I was going for…random afternoon dawdling.


Is this just done in the shader? Not using any image effects is it? This may not be the right place, but I’ve been meaning to ask the forum about this effect: and yours kind of reminds me of it.


It’s a Post-Process Shader that only affects objects rendered in the custom depth (in this case I have the skull in a custom depth). I’m not sure how that effect you linked may have been done, but i feel like you could approach it with multiple displaced meshes or as a post-process effect the way i’ve done it, not sure which one would be more efficient though…


Cool, thanks for the insight. Post-processing or duplicate mesh is what I imaged might be used for that (and your) effect.


i like stuff!!! Specialy your scan effect!!! :slight_smile:

…and your ice shader ist realy nice!!!


I appreciate the kind words, good sir!