DeepSpaceBanana: Sketch #15 WIP

EDIT: Well, I’m probably not going to be finishing this on time, as I’ve been traveling the last couple weeks and am doing more traveling for the next 10 days or so. But I’m going to leave the thread up so that I can continue working on this in my free time and get feedback to finish it up.

Super late, but what the hell, to be completely honest, I didn’t really look at any reference for this yet, decided to try this on a whim, going for some kind of anime-ish void blast.

I’m mostly just trying to use Simple Shapes and shaders for now, and just focus on Timing/Punchiness, due to my lack of animation experience that is what I struggle with most.

I want to add more elements like rocks and stuff flying of the ground, and maybe even try to integrate the fog war shader to make it look like the ground is evaporating. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please do share, I’m kind of going in blind on this :).


I really like the idea of the PostProcess pulling everything towards the center of the blast, but I find it too uniform.
You could try to make it based of world space coordinates rather than screen space. You might have edge bleeding where the depth changes abruptly but you could hide it with some smearing which could also add a bit of punch to it.
Also maybe the “bounce” timing seems a tad lazy/slow to me.

Otherwise I find the effect really nice, good job man :slight_smile:

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Thanks man, it’s actually not Post Processing, it’s a translucent sphere that samples Scene color and Distorts it, but I get what you mean, maybe I could add some noise to the distortion to make it feel more tear-like?

The bounce timing is definitely something i’m still unhappy with. Appreciate the suggestons!

EDIT: Well…i guess it technically is post process…just on a sphere instead of the screen…