Debug Textures for VFX

Oh snap, thanks Chris!

These are awesome. I do have one minor complaint with them though. It’s nice to have some sort of numbers or letters on debug textures as they help to quickly see alignment or orientation issues.

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Sharing is caring! - this is the texture i usually use for debugging/teaching simple effects.


@Chris @tharlevfx you two okay with me making a material function out of this and supply it in this thread?


Absolutely agree - I tried messing around with it but couldn’t find an elegant way of having Substance create a repeating sequence of numbers or letters across a texture. If anyone has done something similar I’d love to see how it was achieved!

Totally, go nuts man!

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one question.
lets say you have a scalar 0-x (amount of debug textures) would you want to edit the same two uv’s for each, or each have their own seperate U and V scalars? (latter being slightly more complicated)
generally I doubt you need to change values from -1 to 1, so not sure how much it would add to have seperate uv scalars for each image.

I always have control to scale my stuff on both X and Y

duh :stuck_out_tongue:
I mean, do you want to control the uv’s of each debug texture separately, or would a “one for all” work for general work? (the latter being more work for me, and a messy-ier debug menu in material instances)

Ooooh so you’re talking about putting all the textures together, not just replacing them in a texture parameter in a material instance?

So here is a preview of the material function.
Just plop it down from the content browser, (though you can find it in the “palette” as well) and get cracking.

let me know what you think.
If you want I can add an additional url to a website or portfolio(already added realtimevfx) in the material function & materials.


I’ve use this one for flipbook index debugging

and this one for orientation

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yeah of course man - thats a pretty cool idea

Thank you to everyone for sharing such useful stuff!

here is a video showcasing how to use/unstall it:

Here is a download link:
@Chris care to add a link to your original post so people can find it easier?

Let me think what you peeps think :slight_smile:


Oh damn! Thank you so much, this is going to be really handy o/

Thank you very much! Very useful!

Thanks for share! You are so nice!

Amazing, this will provide useful !