Dany's SketchBook

Hello, I am Daniel Morcos I am a beginner VFX artist, I really like making effects since it actually engages me both technically and artistically :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I wish to get to know other people and learn as much as I can while I am here and for some reason if someone got any question I would love to be of help :heart:.

Sorry for the frequent edits and uploads hopefully I didn’t annoy anyone still trying to figure out the conventions on the form


Sketch 01


Adjustments I did mid-way as I was using highly detailed textures for the ground cracks (aka textures I made before I was trying to make it a little bit more stylized) so I went and created 3 texture
one for the trails and 2 for the cracks and flare/flash

After adding a diamond gradient to soften the edges because they were so harsh.

I also made a “custom” Distortion boiling effect for the impact shock wave

First dictate the type of the UVs

then feed this UV to the Normal

and the Mask (with 1 in time to be able to specify it’s position with panner node and animate in Niagara not material)

so in the end they will be connected to the material like this

I still feel like I rushed the dissipation of the effect and the AoE indicator feels a little bit miss timed but I wanted to see what I could make given my skill in two days and clearly not much :sneezing_face: anyhow it was a fun exercise

Ayo Finally I finished this effect after 3 days of continuous work I am really happy with how it turned out and quite proud as I actually planned it … like poor planning but planning is planning (even if it’s napkin quality drawings).


After some internal feedback :spiral_notepad: (from friends and family)

I retimed the effect hopefully it is a little bit better :smiling_face_with_tear:


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Ayo my first Effect of the year after learning in the background a couple more tricks I wanted to implement them in an effect + there was this really fun DnD story my friend told of a cleric of life holding the scythe of death and splitting the line between life and undeath killing a giant undead so I wanted to do something along this

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well, some quick practice that probably shouldn’t be shown and well actually a sketch trying to practice something more simple.


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