DanielRiley: Sketch #28


I’ve been following this forum for a while now and it felt like time to finally join :smiley: ! Normally I work in Unity so I figured it would be interesting for this sketch to refresh and expand my Unreal knowledge.

Looking to do some kind of unstable energy portal into space.
For my reference I started off with looking at both the Tesseract portal from Avengers.

I also really liked some of the portal shapes that were used in X-Men.

Here is my current Work in Progress:
WIP1: Started off with working on the looping portion of the portal effect. Got it to a decent placeholder spot, now I need to focus on the intro/outro animation portions; after that I can come back to give this polish and fix up some timing, composition, and textures.

Looping Portal:

Different Looks Into Space:

I figured I would also share some various tutorials that I found along the way while working on this in case they are useful to others as well.


UE4 Stencil setup:
Multi-color Outline Post Process - Tom Looman
Substance Designer Curl Map:
Curl Fields in Substance Designer — Overdraw.xyz


Welcome to the community :smiley:
Great start, looking forward to this!

Great-looking reference and definitely off to a strong start - looking forward to seeing the progress on this one! Thanks for sharing the tutorial references as well! :slight_smile:

Oooo nice stargate/portal :slight_smile:

I feel like the suction part of the portal would be along the rim of the device. Does not feel believable quite yet.