DainnTheDear's Sketchbook

Hello everyone!

After some months of comes and goes to the VFX world, I’m finally back more hyped that I’ve ever been!
I’m really happy to see such an awesome community that was build here :heart:

I’ll start posting all my original VFX here from now on!

So, starting, here are the two effects I did this weekend!
Hope you like it and humbly ask for as much critic as possible!

This one is a “Casting” like spell which I intended to make a projectile shooting out of it. It ended up consuming a LOT of time so I gave up on the projectile and moved on to another effect.

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VFX 02 - Vanishing Spell

I wanted to work on this gravity acceleration towards the sphere and have some “leftovers”. I chose to use more “magic dust particles” instead of smoke to keep on a more cartoonish theme.
As always, every kind of critic is welcome!