Dabo: Sketch #4 WIP

I’m going with something a bit smaller in scale than an actual sky. For some reason it made me think of Eeyore. I’m hoping I can get away with simple forms & materials for non-effect elements, but we will see how it goes!

Here is my ref board (“sketch” in the middle :P)

Here is a rough block out in Unity:

I have been messing with cloud shaders for a week or two while mulling over what to do for this sketch. I settled on a version of Licke’s fuzzy ball shader ( https://youtu.be/cUTgucRsOPY ) with a couple of tweaks (Added some rotation, and more control on tiling+offset). I will document any further changes I make moving forward.

I’m hoping to use this project as training for VFX Graph, and the initial rain is built with one. This seems like an effect better handled by the CPU particle system, but I’m stubborn enough to see it through!