Customizable Lava Shader

Hey guys! It’s me once again haha

This shader was pretty cool to create since a friend really needed it for his project. So it’s the first time I actually really helped somebody using my shader knowledge! That’s pretty cool! :smiley:

The challenge was that he wasn’t sure yet how he was going to use this lava, so it had to be super customizable. I think I got it since you can create quite a good variety of lava styles with it.

The thing that I failed to do was to implement the depth texture to make the lava kinda highlights objects in it. It was my first time trying HDRP in Unity and I wasn’t able to understand how to do this.

You can check the customizable part on my Artstation:
(starts at 0:22 of the video)

18_-_Lava_Shader_AdobeExpress (1)

As always, feedback is super appreciated!