Custom vertex attributes

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Was wandering is it possible to create custom vertex attributes in houdini for example and use it in UE shader? Same way you would approach vertex color for example, but not using vertex color channels? If you can, how do you fetch that data in shader?

I am not a technical artist but as far as I know, the only way is with a custom VAT texture that has the encoded attributes that you want.
Aside from the basic 4 channels that you get in the imported meshes’ vertex data.


Seen this one before it’s full of interesting info. :slight_smile:

Closes thing to custom vertex channels I seen so far was on MK11 SIGGRAPH 2019 video. Where they use “UserChannels” for it. But they got really modified UE 3 there. video

Yeah, I remember that video fondly :heart_eyes:. It was the talk that got me convinced to start pursuing RT VFX professionally.
The guys at NetherRealm Studios do wonders with the Unreal Engine and Houdini!

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