Creating GIFs

So, I’ve been stuck on this issue for a while now (probably longer than I’d like to admit honestly)…How to make good looking gifs. I’ve known how to make gifs, but I struggle to make good ones, cause the only gif making software I have is Gyazo GIF. I’ve been struggling to find other recorders to create gifs from. Does anyone have any recommended software for creating gifs? I want to start participating in the camp fire sketch thing, but I want to first comprehend how to get a proper gif in order for the meshes before I do. I have the campfire all set up and everything, just, need the darn gif! This is probably something really simple that I’m overthinking again, argh. Sorry for buggin’ ya’ll and thanks for reading!

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I had the same problem a few months ago :stuck_out_tongue: For now I just use OBS (free open source program) and then just upload the video to and convert it to a gif. Win10 also have built-in recording program


I got 'chu fam! As long as you can record a video - you can make a gif.

Here is what I do, which I recommend to you (all):

Step 1: Record whatever it is you want to show
Step 2 : Edit as needed
Step 3: Export as a video file. What you give is what you get, keep in mind it’s all going to get compressed depending on the settings you’ve made ahead of time.


That’s it! The more CPU you have the better. The Catch being it is Windows only.

(Step 5: Donate to to the person who made this no frills, open source program. It’s stupid simple to use, and it just works. It’s honestly refreshing. I love this thing. :heart:)


Thank you and @Axelorio for your help! Gyazo GIF was really, really bad at getting good quality gifs. I’ll be sure to try and figure out how to use OBS tonight so I can try to put my little magic circle into a gif for showing purposes, then get right on into the fire! Just gatta figure out how to uh…get rid of the top bar and bottom bar, like, have it view the window and not everything else. Argh, more program learning. :sweat: Sadly I cant use what you suggested Mez, as all my software is on a Mac laptop and, well…my PC sucks. :sob: Hopefully I’ll get a new one soon enough, but that probably wont be for a while. At least the laptop is pretty strong! But thank you none the less, love the help!

Well why didn’t you mention that little detail. I’ve used my fair share of Mac, and I literately recently stopped using my crappy Laptop that I had been using for 11 (or so) years. And it was VISTA! :scream: I do know of some other methods too that I’ve built up through the years, but what programs do you have? Are you using Adobe stuff, or is it Gimp? What do you mean by “good”? Are you sure you arn’t confusing .gif with the more modern “video based gifs”? Or do you just want a recommendation of sites that turn things into gifs? If you want a site, all said it will likely not be as good as doing it yourself on your computer.

I should note that if your source is crap, you are only going to get even more compressed crap, regardless what you do. :poop:

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Oh, ah, most of my programs are Adobe, yes, but I’m still trying to learn the film editing software on there. Probably going to need to learn more to figure out how to pair that up with OBS if I use OBS. In regards to Gyazo GIF, well. It just makes everything really compressed and blurry, sadly, its not really meant for high quality. I kinda found that out the hard way. :joy:

Step at a time. If you have access to Adobe Premiere, Animated GIF is an option. You’re going to have to learn a video editing program anyway, as that’s how you’re going to make your demo reel. Think of this as practice. :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah, I’ve had that in mind for a long while now. But I dont have nearly enough FX to make a reel just yet, not enough good ones at least. The only reel-worthy one I have is my circle and even thats a bit iffy. :joy: I’ll be sure to look up some tutorials on Premiere then, figure out OBS so I can record things first off. Unless Premiere can record windows. I’ll find out soon enough I suppose! Thank you for your help, really!

I really like ShareX for just grabbing an area of the screen and making a gif out of it. OBS is my goto for proper screen recordings, but I find it a bit too involved when I just want a gif that’s a few seconds long.


Ooooh, this looks useful! Yeah, right now I really just need short gifs to display examples of my work, so this is really useful! Thanks a bunch!

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Finally got a gif working! Not the best quality, but thats probably because I’m on a laptop. Argh. Did it at the highest quality I could of OBS. Really needa get a new PC, thats for sure. :persevere: Still, glad I finally got this figured out. Maybe now I can get to work on some fire!

ezgif-1-7426b307a7 is my favorite. It has worked really well for me for most things.


Looks pretty interesting! I cant use it sadly since its windows only (bootcamp reeeeeally chugs a Mac.), I’ll keep it in my notebook of sites to go to when I get a new PC eventually! Thanks for the help!

I tend to use

for quick and dirty gif captures