Could anyone explain to me how to create it?


Hey everyone! I really dont understand how to make it:

Cheap smoke mesh with panning noise textures in material. Trying to make it a lot, but nothing.
Could anyone explain to me how to create it? what i missed?1

Pastebin from twitter to material:

Finally find this:

Thank you Simon, trying again.


Hey man, did you happen to see his reply in the comments?


yes, of course, but its didnt help


Good morning, where are you stuck more specifically or what are you trying to wrap your head around? Klemen has also posted a list of his tricks and tips in a single post. He has some other excellent posts that have similar overlap. Perhaps there might be some answers in there that could help you?


It’s a good question, thx. So for example, simply with same setup i didnt got looks closer result


Klemen uses very specific values in the shader, good start could be to use a texture with more similar values, which are also alternating between R and G channels…


Thanks, im still trying, have a progress03


Its really looks like all about textures… Thank you for your example 04