Cora's Sketchbook

Here lies the premises of my journey in the path of RTVFX.
All secrets revealed ! (or not).

I will share here what I learned so far, knowledge that I think is important or some interesting tips I came by. I will also post some of my works, WIPs and share some difficulties I could had have during the long long path to become a RT VFX artist. Feel free to give feedbacks, reaction on any of it. I would love to learn more and to improve my skills.


Beginning to learn new stuff by yourself is pretty difficult, even if there is cool ressources such as vfx apprentice, sometimes, stuff like time management, organisation, making new habits around your studies can be hard. Here is some ressources and tips that can help (not sponsorised).

Books :

  • Atomic Habit by James Clear
  • Ultralearning by Scott H. Young

Tips : to keep track of every important knowledge, a notebook is really handy. I Called mine Coradventure VFX book. In order to avoid to look for “this particular tips, saw in one particular video the 6th of the 14th month last year”.

Making a plan thanks to :

  • MIRO : software that can help to build your mindmap, follow your progress or help you organise your journey. Can also be use for teamwork.
  • Trello : Simpler that Miro with a Kanban to complete.
  • Google Agenda (or other agenda) : to organise dedicaded time in your schedule for your studies.
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