[Contract] Remote VFX Artist @ Parabole, for Kona (first-person adventure)

Hi all,

I’m Alex, creative director at Parabole studio, the makers of indie game called Kona.

We are working on its sequel, this time around using Unity HDRP and VFX graph. We have a few VFX needs:

  • Steam over lake water
  • Ghost / dreamy character shader graph
  • Ghost / dreamy character appearance vfx
  • Flies circling around lights
  • Weapons vfx
  • Your own suggestions for improving our game aesthetic

All of these must be realistic, can use distortion but must remain somewhat portable to URP. Our main SKUs are PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, but we support lower end platforms as well using our own HDRP to URP converter.

Anyway, as long as you can produce invoices, you may work from any place in the world. Feedback and such will take place preferably on our Slack workspace, but could be Discord too. Simply write me a message with a link to some of your work, ideally authored in VFX graph, and we’ll see from there :slight_smile: