Continuous VFX at bone location. ( ue 4 )

Good morning everyone! I have a a character that runs through 3 anims via Persona. Starts a staff charge attack > Moves staff >Slams staff on ground.

What I am wondering is what methods ( hopefully robust / simple ) have you all used to have a continuous vfx play at a bone or joint location over an Anim or several Anims.

The route I am thinking about going now is using BP to attach at runtime and then just turn on and off. I just assume this is going to be tricky as I need to time the continuous effect with all of the other effects that would fire off traditionally with persona timeline notifies.

You can go into the animation for the character itself and attach the particle system to a defined bone or socket. Then just specify in Cascade if your particle system should play in Local Space or not. Local will keep your particles attached to where they are, vs being left behind where they spawned if the system is moving.

Thank you! I happened upon the solution at the same time but you are right. Big fix was making sure the required panel in cascade was using local space.

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