Community sketch voting - Sketch #55: Fan Art

Vote for your favorite submission by heading over to Sketch 55 - Fan Art (CLICK HERE) and taking a look at each entrant, then press the vote button on the top left to vote for your favorites!


This month’s prompt was:
Make an effect based on an effect you like from a published game

Vote timeline:
December 2rd → December 10th

You can vote on your own entry! We just ask you be honest when rating your own entry and others. We’re all part of this small community and ask you to show respect and integrity at all times!

Note: you must be trust level 2 or above to vote
We’ll release the results on the 10th! (ish) Happy voting :memo::star_struck::heart:

This monthly sketch is insane. All are soo good!
Pretty hard to decide which one is “better” than the other sketches. :melting_face:

But with that: great work everyone that participated!

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