Community sketch voting - Sketch #34: Splash


To vote, head over to Sketch 34 - Splash (CLICK HERE) and take a look at each entrant, then press the vote button on the top left to vote for your favorites!


Create a splash effect!

Vote timeline:
May 1st → May 7th

You can vote on your own entry! We just ask you be honest when rating your own entry and others. We’re all part of this small community and ask you to show respect and intengrity at all times!

We’ll release the results on the 8th! Happy voting :memo::star_struck::heart:

We will note, that if you’re trust level 0 or 1 you will not be able to vote. This is to combat any temptation anyone may have to sway voting :wink:

Keep in mind that last part

If you’d like to participate and aren’t trust level 2 yet, start participating during the month in the community and you’ll be there in no time :slight_smile:

Update on community voting: The 4 votes per person restriction has been lifted, if you are trust level 2 or above, you can vote on as many participants as you want.