Collin's Sketchbook

Hey everyone, my name is Collin! I am a 3rd year student studying Game Art. I’ve lurked for a long time, and I thought it was time for me to actually post something.

I’m just going to be dropping some of the various projects that I’m currently working on, so please feel free to comment or critique any of the work I post.

Lately I’ve been spending my free time exploring real time and simulated liquid solutions for use in my UE4 projects. Below are a few of the various experiments I’ve done over the past few weeks.

Real Time (UE4)

Simulated (Houdini)


Are the fluid things imported to UE4 through vertex animation?

Ohohoh! this is very cool! I especially like that Statue…simulation? I’m not sure what you call it, but I’m into it. How does that work?

@balaganvfx: Yep! The real-time .GIFs are all vertex animated liquid sims out of Realflow and Houdini. The Goldshire and LINE videos are unreal materials built on-top of intersecting gerstner wave functions.

@pmiller: Thanks! It’s based on an Entagma tutorial. Basically I’m bringing in a high poly mesh, storing the vertex normal data, decimating the mesh, then re-applying that stored normal data. If you’d like I can upload the .hip file for you to look through :slight_smile:

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oh sure! that’d be rad. I’d appreciate that Colin :slight_smile:

Here you go! It should work with any geo input.


still tinkering around with my sewer slime scene. trying to get more of a 90s nickelodeon feel.

Messing around with the new vellum solvers in Houdini. Can’t wait to get some of the softbody rigs into engine

I don’t know why, but the guys flopping his face into the ground amuses me. :smiley:

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Started playing around with some deferential curve growth earlier. Mmm spaghetti


one more, this time with collision!

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Forgot to reply, thanks Collin!

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Did some experimenting with vertex offsets and distance blending over the weekend. If anyone is curious and wants to dig into the material, I have the .uassets uploaded on my site here:


Videos are broken @collin :thinking:

I updated the post with vimeo links, hopefully that works :slight_smile:

Set up a quick scene to blend the spiral vertex function with a basic water material I made a while back.

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Did another optimization pass over Blizzcon weekend to try 2 razzledazzle the portfolio reviewers. I ended up fitting everything into a 2k texture, with all the color and variation being done procedurally!

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Looks nice, how many frames and what was your final poly output?

i’d have to re-open the project file, but if i remember correctly the final version was 400 frames and 6k tris.

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