Co-founder wanted: VFX artist for NeutrinoParticles

Hi guys,

I’m Yurii Miroshnyk and my company, Effectico, is developing a tool for creating effects to help game development companies reduce production expenses and time by letting even inexperienced developers make spectacular effects with a simple and powerful creating process and access to thousands of sample effects and templates.

Effectico is a startup in the early stage of business development. However, there is a product ( with several customer companies that use it. There is a market segment that doesn’t have any noticeable competitors, it covers companies that work on the HTML5 (browser-based games). And there is an idea of how to easily make the product highly competitive on other most popular platforms, like Unity and UnrealEngine.

The person for this job should make effects for the samples database using the NeutrinoParticles tool (see link above).

Till the investment, it is expected to work without salary. You will be granted an option to have up to 15% equity in the company. Any conditions are discussable.


  • Experience in creating real-time particle effects for games.
  • Readiness to learn a new tool for creating effects.
  • Creativeness.
  • Passion to build your own business.

Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn: