Circle that creates over its lifetime, Unity

Hi there! It’s me again.
I’m trying to make a circle to be colored over its lifetime. Take Ivern passive as an example. at 1.15 you can see the effect i am talking about.
I wanted to do a radial effect, with only one side that gets colored over the time and not on both sides.
How could i do this effect?

Thanks to all, you are a great community <3

You can either use a circle mesh with horizontal UVs and use a panner, or directly do the polar coordinates maths inside your shader :slight_smile:

If you use a nodal shader editor, check this, this should do the trick
(You don’t need all the nodes displayed here, such as HSV to RGB)

Oh btw, don’t hesitate to ask your questions or show us your work on a single topic instead of creating a topic for each question :+1: This makes things more clear and keeps everything at the same place if people need to come back to the topic.

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Oh right! thanks! So for the next ones i will update in the first post,