Category Rename - Post your finished work and reels in newly renamed "Finished Work and References" Category

Hey guys! We’ve made a small tweak to the name of the category that this post is within.

Old: Shares and References
New: Finished Work and References

A lot of finished work is hard to find because it is scattered between general, resources, and references, so it’s about time we cleared this up a bit!

Note: if you are doing lots of knowledge shares and such within your posted final works/reel then we will move your work over to Resources! Otherwise, just post your work right here in this category if it’s finished (also note, if you’re looking for feedback and it’s still very much an active project, post in the WIP and Critique Section).

This will still be where you also post other cool work you find online that could be a cool reference, or videos/images etc.

Thanks guys!