Case for camera tracking

Hello, I’m new on this forum and I’ve a question about camera tracking,
Is there a sort of case that can be plug to a camera and can get all camera’s motions to be used in a 3D software such as a virtual camera like in Cinema4D ?

Sure thing!

You can import any camera tracking data from a 3D package like Cinema 4D, and then parent anything you want to that null point in space. Just select your camera, and then export it as .fbx. You should be able to include the camera transform data, nowadays most of 3D packages have this feature.

I would suggest you to check this two tutorials out. The workaround should be pretty similar with all the other 3D packages.

Hope it was helpful! :movie_camera:

I think I misunderstood your question.

To record the transform data from an existing camera object in Unity, you could use GameObjectRecorder. Tutorial:

Then, to export it to a 3D package like Cinema 4D, you could use FBX Exporter. Tutorial:

Also, this is a workaround for Unreal:

Hope I got your question right now!