Cartoon Boom Effect in Unity

Finally got some dissolve techniques working the way I want them too to make this effect


(the background colour is basically the main game ground colour)

There are no animation sheets in this effect, just single sprites animated with alpha dissolve and some uv offsets

Using path blending to create alpha gradients in Illustrator (I blur them a tad in photoshop afterwards if they are a bit sharp)

I mix that with some Voronoi style noise as it dissolves, but I also scale the noise input textures over the lifetime of the particle to add to the dispersion

Custom Streams:

  • custom 1 = emission colour
  • custom 2 = the graphs below
  • StableRandom = random number used to offset the dissolve and uv noise textures per particle
  • Velocity is used to dissolve in the direction the particle is moving (its a bit finicky though)

Custom Streams:

Red graph = dissolve smoothstep value
Green Channel = texture scale
Yellow Channel = UV noise for tex and dissolve tex

Material Example:


Maaan nice job! That thing you did in illustrator… was a pain in the ass handpainting the explosion’s dissolve last week for where I work at. HAHAHA!
I think learning path blending will help me improve a lot on creating those cartoonish dissolves, thanks dude!

Path finding is pretty hit or miss to be honest, only works well with simple shapes.

Cheers though!