Can't decide which course to take. Some advice please?

Lately I have more free time and money saved and I would like to dedicate more time to learn VFX than I do now and above all in a more serious way.

Because of that I’ve been looking at Realtime VFX courses and finally I’ve found two that I think can give me the knowledge I’m looking for.

These two courses are:

At first I was going to take the VFX apprentice, because I think it can give me a much more solid foundation on which to work, from creating 2D textures to the necessary knowledge of Maya for VFX, but I see that all the part of Unreal Engine is in Cascade and not in Niagara (with which I feel quite comfortable). Maybe the big studios are still working in cascade with their fork of Unreal, but I don’t know.

On the other hand the Rebelway platform looks pretty good and the contents seem more updated, besides showing me how to improve in Houdini, but at first glance I think it does not explain basic concepts that I think I might need such as texture creation or basic artistic knowledge for the creation of VFXs.

That said, I only have money for one of these courses and I am unable to make up my mind, could someone give me some kind of advice or guidance?

I don’t think anyone is using Cascade unless it’s for legacy elements. At least, no one at my studio is.

I think you get the “basic artistic knowledge” by studying images in games and film. It’s sort of an intuitive thing.