Can you create an outline when dissolving?


I’m H19 working as VFX and animator in Korea

I was originally an animator, so I had insufficient knowledge as an effector to write.

I created a 2D-style flame with the Amplify Fire Shader, but can it create an outline to dissolve this?

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Hello H19!
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Do I understand correctly, that you want to dissolve the flame, but want the outline to stay? If this is true, then you can use a Lerp (linear interpolation) node, to mask the edge.Black for input A, white for input B.
Currently, I cannot make an example. But I will prepare one later.

It will help us if you can send a screenshot of the graph. Then we can help you more efficiently.

Hey, so I wrote a short answer above, but here is a picture how I quickly set it up in Unreal.


There are other ways to achieve this or something similar. As I said before. If you share your setup or graph, we can give you better feedback.

I hope this helps!

Sorry for the late reply!

Well, what I said is a little different
When the fire is dissolved, I want the black outline to come out of the dissolve and disappear.


This is the current situation


This is the situation I want

Alright, thank you!

Here is a tutorial how to achieve this in in Shader Forge (similar node shader like Amplify):

I hope this helps you.

Oh! Thank you so much I solved it!

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Is it possible to dissolve fire in 3d model edge contour? I can’t see this video