Can I get some feedback for my VFX please?

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted. Today I’m back with this energy beam VFX. I know It’s a generic effect but your feedbacks are much appreciated.

Uİ Beam

The beam and fade out look really good but your anticipation could do with some work. The beam looks like an attack that would do a lot of damage so your anticipation should reflect that.


I agree with @SMGBoycey, this is very good work but the anticipation looks quite rough tho. I feel like the elements on the hands become shiny too fast. Maybe you could add more progression like the hand is charging power, and add some elements around the character like he’s gathering power from around him into his hands.

I also feel like the star shape during the beam is too static.

And finally, I don’t really get why the dissipation comes with green particles whereas the whole effect is purple/dark. Maybe you could also add some purple/dark smokes fading slowly in the dissipation too.

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Originally I picked 2 complimentary color, one yellow and one purple but yellow was quite overwhelmed by all the main color. Cheers for the feedback! I’ll improve on this.

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Any ideas for improving anticipation? Thanks for the feedback btw!!

I recommend looking at similar stuff on a site like artstation to see what they all do there and then picking what you think would work best on yours. This way you can gain a deeper understanding of making VFX.