Can anyone give me a reference for two people jumping out of a plane door and being sucked out and away from camera?


I’m looking to find a reference for a shot where two live action actors jump out of a door (seen from inside, shot practically) and are then pulled/sucked away from the camera and across - as if they’d jumped out of the door of a plane.

The plan at the moment is to have them jumping into an abstract white space (i.e. there will be blown-out/strongly lit poly boards behind the door as they jump) and add wind/turbulence. It’s a relatively quick shot/movement (i.e. 0.5 secs-ish for the entire action/vfx).

Ideally it would have a fairly playful/cheap and cheerful feel - as in can feel deliberately lofi/organic. We’re planning to do in AE rather than 3D but struggling to find a reference to share with the client…!

Hope that makes some sense!